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2021 Hillsborough Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Two ways to win great prizes!

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2021 Hillsborough Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Students with the most minutes read will have a chance to win the great prizes listed below!


Weekly Challenges

Read the book of the week for your grade band and answer the questions to be entered into a drawing!

Summer-Long Challenges

Read any books in myON or outside of myON. Based on the number of books read, top readers in each grade-band will win great prizes!


Read the book for your grade band identified for each week on the booklist to participate in this challenge! This 5-week challenge begins on June 14 and ends on July 16.
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

  • Click on “Weekly Challenge Booklists” to read the book for your grade band each week.
  • Either click on the link to be directed to it within myON or search by the title or ISBN.
  • Click the “Weekly Challenge Form” to provide your contact information, answer the questions for the book you read, and select “Submit.”

    Reminder: Answers to Weekly Challenge questions must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. each Friday.
  • Winners will be selected at random and contacted through the email provided to claim their prizes.


  • 20 winners will be awarded each week.
  • Check back the following week to see the full list of winners.
  • Winners will receive a fun prize package!


Read as many books as you can between June 7 and July 31 for this challenge!
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

  • Earn one drawing entry for each 5 books you read.
  • There is a maximum of 10 entries allowed per student.

If you are reading books on myON

  • The number of books you have read will automatically be tallied for you.
  • When you complete a book, remember to click on the "I have finished reading this book" button to be sure that book is counted in your tally.

If you are reading books from another source

  • Fill out the Summer Challenge form that will be available here beginning on June 7.
  • Log each book you read from June 7 to July 31.


  • 1 winner will be selected from each grade band through random drawings: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8 and 9–12.
  • Top winner from each grade band will receive a grand prize.
  • Winners will be announced the first week of August!

The summer weekly challenge has ended but keep reading as much as possible for a chance to win the summer-long challenge!

And the Weekly Challenge Winners are …

Week 1 Winners

Magdalyn G. / Springhead Elementary

Marshall G. / Marshall Middle Magnet

Alyssa R. / Marshall Middle Magnet

Brennen O. / Bell Creek Academy

Leslie G.-V. / Bryan Plant City Elementary

Ivonne P. / Strawberry Crest High

Jaxon H. / Williams Middle Magnet

Sabrina Y. / Gaither High

Elias G. / Reddick Elementary

Saisharan M. / Liberty Middle School

Nathan P. / Family of Christ Lutheran School

Sujith V. / Williams Middle Magnet

Harinarayan P.K. / Chiles Elementary

Burhanuddin A. / Wharton High

Abigail M. / Martinez Middle School

Barok K. / Pizzo

Lucy P.-C. / Thompson Elementary

Richard Z. / Chamberlain High

Shaunak V. / Benito Middle

Shreya Rao B.H. / Clark Elementary

Week 2 Winners

Ishitha P. / Middleton High

Adrit R. / Robinson High

Madison M. / Eisenhower Middle

Cameron G. / Progress Village Middle Magnet

Sofia P. / Roosevelt Elementary

Macie L. / Heritage Elementary

John A. / Corbett Prep

Mallory A. / Corbett Prep

Grady B. / Nativity Catholic School

Maximiliano T. / Deer Park Elementary

Kaitlyn H. / Sulphur Spring K-8

Aarohi C. / Valrico Lake Advantage Academy

Alana M. / Eisenhower Middle

Danielle G. / Gorrie Elementary

Darshana S. / Bell Creek Academy

Daniel  O. / Riverview Academy of Math and Science

Howaldo S. / Palm River Elementary

Enmanuel S. / Clair Mel Elementary

Eric C. / Bing Elementary

Anthony S. / Mintz Elementary

Week 3 Winners

Shrey R. / Pride elementary

Krish R. / Pride elementary

Zuria D. / RCMA

Jeremi D. / Kenly Elementary

Andrei B. / Preschool Program

Avery M. / Collins Elementary

Elliott B. / Roland Park K-8

Alexander B. / Limona Elementary

Teresa Z. / Home School Kids

Arianna F. / Cimino Elementary

Praneet P. / Pride Elementary

Debadideb C. / Ballast Point Elementary

Kathleen E. / Alonso High

Natalia R. / Benito Middle

Rajul J. / Essrig Elementary

Lukesh D. / Grady Elementary

Josue C. / Westchase Elemantary

Faith M. / Collins elementary

Parker F. / Boyette Springs Elementary

Swathika S. / Pride Elementary

Week 4 Winners

Adrian L. / SLAM Apollo

Cristiano B. / Ballast Point Elementary

Solimar T. / Alafia Elementary

Jordan A. / Sessums Elementary

Naga Sai Ashitha M. / Winthrop Charter School

Tamauri G. / Potter Elementary

Macie L. / Heritage Elementary

Ariana C.-C. / RCMA Wimauma Community Academy

America R. / Grady Elementary

Maia T. / Sickles High

Adriel B. / Preschool Program

Jackson L. / Belmont Elementary

Aianah B. / Home School Kids

Kelsie L. / Lutz K-8

Aanya I. / Bryant Elementary

Lucca G. / Mango Elementary

Hariniya V. / Williams Middle Magnet

Max S. / Hillsborough Virtual School

Autumn M. / Hammond Elementary

Week 5 Winners

Gita A. / Tampa Palms Elementary

Pyrrha K. / Carrollwood Elementary

Destiny J. / Temple Terrace Elementary

Solimar T. / Alafia Elementary

Eva P. / Chiles Elementary

Alexandria N. / Hill Middle

Isabella D. / Grady Elementary

Averi B. / Cork Elementary

Sebastian S. D. / Oak Grove Elementary

Xavier D. / MacFarlane Park Elementary

Brylie L. / Lutz K-8

Shamarion K. / Clair Mel Elementary

Edward W. / Seminole Elementary

Juliana P. / Mulrennan Middle

Atharva G. / Liberty Middle

Yenkhanh T. / Kimbell Elementary

Arianna F. / Cimino Elementary

Easton T. / Knights Elementary

Brendan Z. / Walker Middle Magnet