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2021 Hillsborough Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Two ways to win great prizes!

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2021 Hillsborough Summer Reading Challenge

June 7, 2021 – July 31, 2021

Students with the most minutes read will have a chance to win the great prizes listed below!


Weekly Challenges

Read the book of the week for your grade band and answer the questions to be entered into a drawing!

Summer-Long Challenges

Read any books in myON or outside of myON. Based on the number of books read, top readers in each grade-band will win great prizes!


Read the book for your grade band identified for each week on the booklist to participate in this challenge! This 5-week challenge begins on June 14 and ends on July 16.
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

  • Click on “Weekly Challenge Booklists” to read the book for your grade band each week.
  • Either click on the link to be directed to it within myON or search by the title or ISBN.
  • Click the “Weekly Challenge Form” to provide your contact information, answer the questions for the book you read, and select “Submit.”

    Reminder: Answers to Weekly Challenge questions must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. each Friday.
  • Winners will be selected at random and contacted through the email provided to claim their prizes.


  • 20 winners will be awarded each week.
  • Check back the following week to see the full list of winners.
  • Winners will receive a fun prize package!


Read as many books as you can between June 7 and July 31 for this challenge!
Grade bands: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8, 9–12

  • Earn one drawing entry for each 5 books you read.
  • There is a maximum of 10 entries allowed per student.

If you are reading books on myON

  • The number of books you have read will automatically be tallied for you.
  • When you complete a book, remember to click on the "I have finished reading this book" button to be sure that book is counted in your tally.

If you are reading books from another source

  • Fill out the Summer Challenge form that will be available here beginning on June 7.
  • Log each book you read from June 7 to July 31.


  • 1 winner will be selected from each grade band through random drawings: Pre-K–2, 3–5, 6–8 and 9–12.
  • Top winner from each grade band will receive a grand prize.
  • Winners will be announced the first week of August!

The summer weekly challenge has ended. Check out the winners below!

The summer long challenge has ended. Check out the winners below!

And the Weekly Challenge Winners are …

Week 1 Winners

Magdalyn G. / Springhead Elementary

Marshall G. / Marshall Middle Magnet

Alyssa R. / Marshall Middle Magnet

Brennen O. / Bell Creek Academy

Leslie G.-V. / Bryan Plant City Elementary

Ivonne P. / Strawberry Crest High

Jaxon H. / Williams Middle Magnet

Sabrina Y. / Gaither High

Elias G. / Reddick Elementary

Saisharan M. / Liberty Middle School

Nathan P. / Family of Christ Lutheran School

Sujith V. / Williams Middle Magnet

Harinarayan P.K. / Chiles Elementary

Burhanuddin A. / Wharton High

Abigail M. / Martinez Middle School

Barok K. / Pizzo

Lucy P.-C. / Thompson Elementary

Richard Z. / Chamberlain High

Shaunak V. / Benito Middle

Shreya Rao B.H. / Clark Elementary

Week 2 Winners

Ishitha P. / Middleton High

Adrit R. / Robinson High

Madison M. / Eisenhower Middle

Cameron G. / Progress Village Middle Magnet

Sofia P. / Roosevelt Elementary

Macie L. / Heritage Elementary

John A. / Corbett Prep

Mallory A. / Corbett Prep

Grady B. / Nativity Catholic School

Maximiliano T. / Deer Park Elementary

Kaitlyn H. / Sulphur Spring K-8

Aarohi C. / Valrico Lake Advantage Academy

Alana M. / Eisenhower Middle

Danielle G. / Gorrie Elementary

Darshana S. / Bell Creek Academy

Daniel  O. / Riverview Academy of Math and Science

Howaldo S. / Palm River Elementary

Enmanuel S. / Clair Mel Elementary

Eric C. / Bing Elementary

Anthony S. / Mintz Elementary

Week 3 Winners

Shrey R. / Pride elementary

Krish R. / Pride elementary

Zuria D. / RCMA

Jeremi D. / Kenly Elementary

Andrei B. / Preschool Program

Avery M. / Collins Elementary

Elliott B. / Roland Park K-8

Alexander B. / Limona Elementary

Teresa Z. / Home School Kids

Arianna F. / Cimino Elementary

Praneet P. / Pride Elementary

Debadideb C. / Ballast Point Elementary

Kathleen E. / Alonso High

Natalia R. / Benito Middle

Rajul J. / Essrig Elementary

Lukesh D. / Grady Elementary

Josue C. / Westchase Elemantary

Faith M. / Collins elementary

Parker F. / Boyette Springs Elementary

Swathika S. / Pride Elementary

Week 4 Winners

Adrian L. / SLAM Apollo

Cristiano B. / Ballast Point Elementary

Solimar T. / Alafia Elementary

Jordan A. / Sessums Elementary

Naga Sai Ashitha M. / Winthrop Charter School

Tamauri G. / Potter Elementary

Macie L. / Heritage Elementary

Ariana C.-C. / RCMA Wimauma Community Academy

America R. / Grady Elementary

Maia T. / Sickles High

Adriel B. / Preschool Program

Jackson L. / Belmont Elementary

Aianah B. / Home School Kids

Kelsie L. / Lutz K-8

Aanya I. / Bryant Elementary

Lucca G. / Mango Elementary

Hariniya V. / Williams Middle Magnet

Max S. / Hillsborough Virtual School

Autumn M. / Hammond Elementary

Week 5 Winners

Gita A. / Tampa Palms Elementary

Pyrrha K. / Carrollwood Elementary

Destiny J. / Temple Terrace Elementary

Solimar T. / Alafia Elementary

Eva P. / Chiles Elementary

Alexandria N. / Hill Middle

Isabella D. / Grady Elementary

Averi B. / Cork Elementary

Sebastian S. D. / Oak Grove Elementary

Xavier D. / MacFarlane Park Elementary

Brylie L. / Lutz K-8

Shamarion K. / Clair Mel Elementary

Edward W. / Seminole Elementary

Juliana P. / Mulrennan Middle

Atharva G. / Liberty Middle

Yenkhanh T. / Kimbell Elementary

Arianna F. / Cimino Elementary

Easton T. / Knights Elementary

Brendan Z. / Walker Middle Magnet

Mridini S. / Hunters Green Elementary

And the summer-long challenge winners are…

Summer-Long Winners

PK-2 - Hredhaan K. / Lake Magdalene Elementary

3-5 - Takia A. / Lincoln Elementary

6-8 - Sofia C. / Williams Middle Magnet

9-12 - Jason H. / Freedom High