February 1 – February 28, 2022


Hillsborough County Public Schools is hosting a special reading challenge designed to celebrate the contributions and history of Black Americans.

Curated lists of age-appropriate myON titles are available. All students are encouraged to participate by reading as many books on myON as they can during the month of February.

Time spent reading will be recorded automatically within the myON platform.


If students are reading offline, they should be sure to log back into myON with WiFi before February 28 so their reading activity is included in their school’s total minutes read.


The school in each of the regional areas with the highest average minutes read on myON during February will be recognized with a school banner.

Congratulations to the Winning Schools

Charter – Valrico Lake Advantage Academy
High Schools – Durant High School
Middle Schools Region 1 – Williams Middle Magnet School
Middle Schools Region 2 – Franklin Boys Preparatory Academy Middle School
Region 1 – Ballast Point Elementary School
Region 2 – Morgan Woods Elementary
Region 3 – Carrollwood Elementary School
Region 4 – Robinson Elementary School
Region 5 – Lithia Springs Elementary School
Transformation Network Region 1 – Thompson Elementary School
Transformation Network Region 2 – Mort Elementary A Community Partnership School
Transformation Network Region 3 – Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School
Transformation Network Region 4 – Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School

Renaissance myON Reader

Renaissance myON Reader gives students the opportunity to choose what they want to read, in a digital environment where they are comfortable, motivates them to become better and more confident readers and take accountability for their reading growth.