All students are encouraged to read as much as they can on myON during Spring Break.

Time spent reading will be recorded automatically within each student’s myON account.

Reminder: If students are reading offline, they should log back into myON with WiFi before March 19, so their reading activity is synched with their account.


Winners will be selected from each grade level band based upon the total number of minutes they read on myON during the challenge period.

Pre-K–2 | Grades 3–5 | Grades 6–8 | Grades 9–12

Top 5 district-wide winners per grade band will each win a Shape Shifting Box - Award-Winning Fidget Cube.

Top winner at each Transformation School will win a Shape Shifting Box - Award-Winning Fidget Cube.

Winners will be announced by March 24!

Congratulations to these District-Wide Winners

Grade Band: Pre-K–2

Grade Band: Pre-K–2

Dayani C.

Lake Magdalene Elementary School

Aditi K.

Chiles Elementary School

Akhil K.

McDonald Elementary School

Snithik S.

Chiles Elementary School

Anvi V.

McKitrick Elementary School

Grade Band: 3–5

Grade Band: 3–5

Miguel H. M.

Witter Elementary School

Samantha I.-C.

Mort Elementary School

Joas J.

Kimbell Elementary School

Vivaan K.

Deer Park Elementary School

Jishnu S.

Tampa Palms Elementary School

Grade Band: 6–8

Grade Band: 6–8

Isaiah A.

Jennings Middle School

Josephen A.

Jennings Middle School

Darwin L.-B.

Tomlin Middle School

Jadris R.

Sligh Middle School

Prakkul S.

Liberty Middle School

Grade Band: 9–12

Grade Band: 9–12

Kierra C.

Alonso High School

Forest H.

Freedom High School

George S.

Robinson High School

Lawrence S.

Wharton High School

Khoa T.

Alonso High School

Congratulations to these Transformation Schools Winners

Josephen A.

Jennings Middle

Rosedarline A.

Sheehy Elementary

Ameer B.

Folsom Elementary

Karley B.

Temple Terrace Elementary

Zayon B.

Graham Elementary

Alberto C.

Gibsonton Elementary

Brianna C.

Clair Mel Elementary

Charlotte C.

Mango Elementary

Zaidria C.

Kimbell Elementary

Dakayla D.

Shields Middle

Carlos E.

Just Elementary

Nftalem F.H.

Shaw Elementary

Yrving F.-R.

Thompson Elementary

Leah G.

Mort Elementary

Nitavia G.

Oak Park Elementary

Mylah G.-R.

Dover Elementary

Giselle G.-S.

Miles Elementary

Danna G.V.

Thompson Elementary

Jeremiah H.

Giunta Middle

Sophia H.

Kenly Elementary

Za'iriyya H.

Memorial Middle

Denis J.

Sligh Middle

Sophonie J.

Foster Elementary

Wahib K.

Witter Elementary

Naishun L.

Robles Elementary

Natalyn L.V.

DeSoto Elementary

Ariana M.

Cleveland Elementary

De'Lani M.

Tampa Heights Elementary

Edith M.

BT Washington Elementary

Elizabethann M.

Potter Elementary

Qhloe M.-B.

Broward Elementary

Kamryn N.

Dunbar Elementary

Taniyah N.

Forest Hills Elementary

Adianis O.

Pizzo K-8

Chai R.

Woodson K-8

E'li Lamont R.

McDonald Elementary

Jaylen R.

Palm River Elementary

Abril R.N.

Bryan Elementary

Sophia R.

Thonotosassa Elementary

Naphtalie T.

Edison Elementary

William T.

James Elementary

Jonathan V.

Jackson Elementary

Demi W.

Lockhart Magnet Elementary

Juliana W.

Sulphur Springs K-8

Adelor Z.

Burney Elementary